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"If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter."

May 28, 2018



Anyone with a little knowledge about writing won’t need to read on. For those wanting additional insight, I hope to explain how could 300 ‘simple’ words could possibly take up to three hours to write.


It’s the nature and purpose of good content to be easily read and interpreted with minimal effort from the reader, but that simplicity can be painstakingly tricky for a writer to achieve, the ‘effortlessness’ is deceiving.


When speaking face-to-face, you have a host of ways to endorse your message. People discern your knowledge, intellect, energy, and general body language in a matter of seconds. On paper, it’s different. You have just one tool – words. Those words need to engage the reader instantly, hold their attention to establish credibility and most importantly, evoke their emotion.


Marketing content has a few more responsibilities: to persuade, entice, reassure, and convince. No one likes a blatant pitch but, the reality is, you’re selling people something in some way, whether it’s ideas, products, services, people, or even pastimes. It’s imperative that you do so authentically.

Essayist, Paul Graham, famously said: “The easy, conversational tone of good writing comes only on the eighth rewrite.” Writing meaningful content in a linear ‘beginning-middle-end’ way is usually ineffective, achieving a result that’s stilted, shallow or uninspired. It takes time to find the words which fit your message like a glove, and tell it in a way that won’t have your reader waving their hands as they slowly back out of the room.


Conclusion? You’ll always find someone quicker or cheaper; it depends on how important quality is to you. When focus rests on reducing time, it manifests directly in the standard of writing.


I spend as long as it takes, but no longer than it needs, to ensure you'll receive a quality piece of content which stands out from the crowd.


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