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A Bit About Me

Words were the glue in my family, connecting us through dinnertime debate, the running joke and a love of bad puns. Small, medium and almost toppling piles of books punctuated every surface of our home; from WW11 aviation manuals and gardening encyclopaedias to Wilbur Smith and Carl Sagan. My father would get noticeably more excited if I solved a clue in the cryptic than if I placed in the cross country (which, obviously, I never did) and Mum was world-class at firing off an entertaining spiel on capital punishment or suffragettes when I’d left it too late to write my school speech (which, obviously, I did every time).

I often dreamed of writing for a living, right up till the time I became a nurse. I don’t regret it for a second. Nursing completely changed the way I perceived the world, and for the better. Looking back, it wasn’t a bad choice, but it possibly wasn’t the right one. Twenty-five years and a mid-life epiphany later, I changed my mind.

The result is Duval Freelance; a small but fearless writing business, built with dogged determination and a refusal to bow to self-doubt (no matter how warranted). It turns out I have a knack; for writing, but in particular, getting people’s message right, in just the way they meant it. Which is fortunate, don’t you think?

If I were pushed, I’d describe myself as an overactive thinker with an enquiring mind and an irreverent sense of humour. Others have suggested “hopeless romantic conflicted by innate realism.” One thing’s for sure, boredom is my nemesis, which explains why marketing content is so appealing. It offers endless diversity alongside opportunities for personal connection. Connection leads to discovery, revealing the very best parts of you, your message and your brand voice.

Whether it's website content, marketing copy, editorial or anything in between, I pride myself on offering original and engaging narratives which keep your audience reading past the first line - a 'no sigh' guarantee.

Blue-eyed boy